Who am I?

Full website: www.janiecrouch.com

Looking for Janie Crouch, the author? My author website is www.janiecrouch.com. The chronicle of my journey to publication can be found in the "My Publication Timeline" section above.

PRIMAL INSTINCT, my first romantic suspense novel, was published in April 2014. I've since published the 4-book Omega Sector (Covert Ops) series  in 2015 and my 6-book Omega Sector: Critical Response series releases in 2016. Find info about all my books here.

So who am I? Well, that's a good question, one I'm still in the process of answering.

I've been married since 1997 to my wonderful husband -- I just call him Captain Awesome. We have four school-aged children, two boys and two girls. I teach online communication courses part time at a Virginia community college, even though we now reside in Stuttgart Germany due to Capt Awesome's Department of Defense job. WE LOVE IT HERE!

I enjoy all sorts of challenges -- physical, intellectual, creative. I tend to keep myself on my toes -- my life is rarely boring. I completed an Ironman Triathlon in 2014. Check out the "Journey to Ironman" posts in the Favorite Calamity Jane Series Box to the right on the main page for more info about that craziness.

This is kinda what I look like in my mind:

But this is more what I look like in real life:

I love hearing from readers and friends. Please feel free to contact me at: janiecrouch007@gmail.com