Thursday, June 6, 2013

I Declare Shenanigans!

I’m off again on a mini-adventure. Another 200-mile RagnarRelay race – this one from Madison, Wisconsin to Chicago. I’ve never been to Chicago. I always love to go new places. (Especially when the East Coast is about to get pelted by Tropical Storm Andrea. That’s my cue to head to the mid-west).

My portion of that 195.4 miles is going to be about 22 miles. I haven't run in nearly two weeks, so this should be pretty interesting.

Ragnar Relays are always crazy. 12 people, 2 vans, 36 hours. It's kind of marathon-meets-block-party. I’ve run five now:

September 2011 (Washington DC) – Team Does this Tutu Make Me Look Fast? (AKA – “I don’t know any of these women. How did I end up doing this again?”)
Do you mean fast or FAST...

January 2012 (Miami to Key West) – Team Zombies Are (AKA – “It’s awesome to have a corporate sponsor even when it’s the undead.”)
We don't look like zombies yet, but give us 36 hours...

September 2012 (Washington DC) – Team Honey Badger Don’t Care (AKA – “Actually, little known fact: Honey Badgers DO care.”)
Van Stranger Danger

November 2012 (Las Vegas) – Team World’s Dumbest Road Trip (AKA – “Staying awake for 48 hours then going clubbing is probably not a good idea.”)
Don't even ask...

January 2013 (Miami to KW) – Team Cobra Kai (AKA – “Nope,  sorry. THIS was the world’s dumbest road trip.”)
Troublemakers unite.

This weekend I’m on Team Where’d the Cheese Go?.   To be honest, even after hearing that Ween song I still don’t quite get it. But that doesn’t matter. What matters is I’m required to wear a yellow tank top, knee socks, aviator sunglasses and A FAKE MUSTACHE  for the team pictures.

That’s enough for me to know I’m going to have a good time.  Plus my partners in crime S and M (S&M – hahahaha) will be there.  As always, shenanigans will ensure. Thus my poem for today:

I declare shenanigans.
I declare adventures.
I declare laughing until you have to hold your belly because it hurts so much.

I declare dancing when you’re happy.
And dancing when you’re sad.
I declare 40 is just a number, no better or worse than 25 or 35 or 85 - because each has its unique treasures and problems.

I declare crushing on cute guys.
I declare chasing trouble.
I declare not accepting limits just because someone says they’re so.
I declare I will enjoy and appreciate what today offers and not worry so much about tomorrow.

But mostly…

I declare shenanigans!

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