Sunday, May 4, 2014

Top Ten Sci-Fi/Fantasy Heroes

May the Fourth be with you. It's Star Wars Day and I'm counting down my favorite Science Fiction/Fantasy movie and television heroes.

#10 - Captain Kirk (Star Trek) played by Chris Pine

Confident, charming, good with the ladies. Plus, a rule-breaker rebel. And those gorgeous blue eyes. Sigh.  I also like William Shatner's James T., but not as much as I was charmed by young Mr. Pine.

Best quote: "I have no idea what I'm supposed to do. I only know what I can do."

#9: William Lennox (Transformers) played by Josh Duhamel
I'm a sucker for a man in uniform (Army Ranger in particular), but one who can help lead the battle against an alien force, and just wants to get home to hold his baby girl for the first time... 

Best quote: "Yeah, this isn't going well."

#8: Coporal Dwayne Hicks (Aliens) played by Michael Biehn
Another man in uniform but this time in space (where no one can hear you scream). I loved how Hicks kept calm under pressure and wasn't threatened by Ripley's strength ("Show me everything, I can handle myself." "Yeah, I noticed.")

Best quote: "I like to keep this handy, for close encounters." (referring to his backup shotgun)

#7: Daryl Dixon (The Walking Dead) played by Norman Reedus
 You can take the girl out of Georgia, but I guess you can't take the Georgia out of the girl because I heart Daryl. Sure, everyone makes fun of the rednecks, right up until the Zombie Apocalypse, then he's the one you want close to your side. And let's face it, everything's more sexy with a crossbow. 

Best quote: "If you shoot me again you best pray I'm dead."

#6: Karl "Helo" Agathon (Battlestar Galactica) played by Tahmoh Penikett.
Alright sure, he made some questionable judgements considering he married one of the human race's worst enemies. But his strength and selflessness (and granite jawline) make him my #6 choice. Plus I seriously loved him as Paul Ballard in Dollhouse.

Best quote: "That's my defining characteristic, the guy married to a Cylon?"

#5 Aragorn/Legolas/Gimli (The Lord of the Rings Trilogy) played by Viggo Mortensen, Orlando Bloom, John Rhys-Davies
 I know this is cheating a little bit, but I love the three of them as an entity. Aragorn's braveness and tortured soul, Legolas' intellect and dexterity, Gimli's wit. The bromance -- particularly between Legolas and Gimli -- is unparalleled.

It's this:

Best Quote: 
Gimli: "I never thought I would die fighting side by side with an elf."
Legolas: "What about side by side with a friend?"

#4 James "Sawyer" Ford (Lost) played by Josh Holloway
He's the bad boy loner with a heart of gold. And abs of steel. And a southern drawl. Who loves to read. It doesn't get much better than that.

Best Quote: "There's a new sheriff in town, boys. Y'all best get used to it."

#3 Capt Mal Reynolds (Firefly & Serenity) played by Nathan Fillion
Captain Tightpants, ah how I love him. Simultaneously everything a hero is and is not -- and very similar to my #1 pick. You can sum him up in a single sentence: I aim to misbehave. He never really did it for me in terms of attraction, but I'd be a crew on his ship any time. Which is really more important when it comes to a hero. Plus, he gets quadroople-zillion bonus points for also being Capt Hammer.

Best Quote: There's too many! Take your pick here: (I'm partial to the pretty floral bonnet) 

#2 Angel (Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel) played by David Boreanaz

This was the start and end of romance for me right here. Buffy and Angel -- together, apart, love, pain -- was the reason I began writing romance. The reason I still believe in romance. I want to recreate what I felt when I saw them together all those years ago. 

Angel, the sometimes-reformed bad boy with a tortured soul. What's not to love about that hero? 

Best Quote: "If I was blind I would see you." 

#1 Han Solo (Star Wars) played by Harrison Ford
Anti-hero... hero... call him whatever you want. He has influenced my view of what is attractive more than any other character. Ever. Every hero I have ever written or will ever write has some measure of Han Solo in him. Cocky, irreverent, loyal, charming, tall, dark and handsome. The whole package.

Best Quote: "I know."

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  1. I now officially love you!
    Mal is one of my favorite characters!
    Have you ever seen Big Trouble in Little China? Jack Burton is an awesome anti-hero! (I dedicated an entire post to him on my new site -
    Great post! Definitely agree with Angel!