Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What's in a Name? Titling a Romantic Suspense Novel

So, for the past week my Harlequin Intrigue editor and I have been going back and forth on titles for my April 2014 book release. I initially submitted the title as See No Evil, mostly because I planned to have two more books as a follow-up, not surprisingly entitled: Hear No Evil and Speak No Evil.

I still plan to write both the follow-up stories, but they won't be released as a back-to-back series. They may not even end up being connected at all, except for in my own mind. Which is nothing new.

My manuscript, See No Evil, was tentatively named that because the heroine of the story is an ex-FBI profiler with special abilities: she can hear the thoughts of killers when she's around them or around things they've touched. It makes her a pretty powerful tool in fighting bad guys. But unfortunately the ability also leaves her incapacitated and physically helpless when she's around baddies.

But See No Evil wasn't going to work as a title for Harlequin Intrigue. They told me that from the beginning and I had no problem with it. Titles are terribly difficult for me, so I hold on to them very loosely. Plus the editors have much more to consider than just my one book when selecting a title: overall branding of Intrigue, the other five books that will be released that month, how everything will fit on the cover together.

Here are some of the titles my editor and I were throwing back and forth.

Dangerous Intent
Murder Radar of Love
Primal Instinct

In case one of the titles looks a little out of place, a couple writer buddies and I decided that if you tack "of love" on the end of any title, you've come up with an instant Romance Novel title. For instance: Aliens of Love, Dirty Dancing of Love, Throw Momma From the Train of Love. All obviously instant best-sellers.

The title has already been chosen by my editors. Anybody want to guess on what you think it will be?

What is your guess for the title of Janie's new booK?
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The official title will be announced soon!

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