Thursday, September 26, 2013

My Writing Space - Barb Han

Last week I began a new series about something that interests me personally: writing spaces. I love to hear about that creative nook writers make for themselves in order to encourage the word-smithing genius. Therefore I've asked some of my author friends to share a picture and description of their personal writing spaces.

My new back-saving chair
Before we get to the Writing Space of the day -- the brilliant and beautiful Barb Han, I'd like to show you something new from my personal space...

Ta-da! After last week's post about my terrible chair (I was using a metal folding one at the time), hubby decided a proper chair was in order, so we got one. It has lumbar support and everything. Quite awesome! He also set up a fabulous monitor which is set at an angle that requires me to look out, rather than down. Much better on my neck. Plus, it somehow magically connects to my laptop across the room. Yay! 

But on to this week's real post: Barb Han's Writing Space

Where the magic happens for author Barb Han
From Barb:
My space is in the front of the house. It's a library/office, so it's filled with books (what could be better?). My desk is tucked in a bay window, so I have floor-to-ceiling windows behind me. I absolutely love it.

In my old house, I used an upstairs bedroom. It worked okay, but I felt so away from everything. When we moved a year ago, a proper work space for me was high on our list of must-haves. And I wanted something close to the heart of the house where I spend most of my time. 

There's no door, so my family feels free to drift in and out. I keep a guitar, saxophone and piano on one side of the room. I love when the kids drop in and play while I'm working. Or, if I need a break, I'll play.

I asked Barb for any writing tools/tips:
The best writing tool I have on my desk (other than my computer) is Story by Robert McKee. Best book on craft ever! It's my absolute bible for good storytelling. 
Barb & I at RWA this Summer
I appreciate Barb being my first guinea pig willing participant for the My Writing Space series. She is a fellow Harlequin Intrigue author (her first Intrigue release Rancher Rescue will be available February 2014) but has other novels (Caught in the Crosshair and Gone) available now. Check out her website: for more info.


  1. Thank you so much for having me here today, Janie! I have so enjoyed getting to know you in the past few months. Wish we lived closer, but then we'd probably get in too much trouble together. :-)