Thursday, November 7, 2013

My Writing Space - Cindy Myers

I'm continuing my series about something that interests me personally: writing spaces. I love to hear about that creative nook writers make for themselves in order to encourage the word-smithing genius. Therefore I've asked some of my author friends to share a picture and description of their personal writing spaces. 

This week I'm delighted to have the writing space of Cindy (or Cindi -- depending on what she's writing) Myers. Cindy and I met at the Romance Writers of America conference last July, and had lunch together with our editor. Although Cindy is an accomplished author (a USA Today bestselling one!) having written dozens of books for Harlequin, Cindy is branching out into Harlequin Intrigues in 2014 for the first time. 

She's a lovely lady and a hugely talented author and I appreciate her sharing about her writing space from her home in Colorado.

From the Desk of Cindy Myers:

This photo is of one of my writing space. It's my office, where the magic sometimes happens. I resisted the urge to neaten it up. What you can't see are the boxes and stacks of books everywhere around me, the exercise bike I don't ride nearly enough, and the dog bed where my "assistants" -- Katie and Winston -- hang out.

This is an armoir desk that folds up into a neat-looking armoir -- but it's never folded -- too much junk on it. Things I like -- besides photos of family and friends -- I tack up inspirational sayings and pictures. My Rita flag from when I was nominated for a Rita in 2009, for The Right Mr. Wrong. The stuffed Mammoth mascot for the Colorado Mammoth indoor lacrosse team. My ever-present cup of tea (today it's chocolate mint, but I also like green chai, coconut chai, and English breakfast.)

This is the official writing space, but it's in the back of the house and it's cold, so a lot of times in the winter I write in the living room, on the sofa in front of the fire. And in the summer I like to write on the front porch. I once wrote a whole book in our RV parked in the back yard, because the internet doesn't reach out there and I was desperate to make my deadline. (Hey, whatever it takes.)

I live in the country and my house is nice and quiet, so I can write anywhere that's comfortable -- but when I really want to feel like a writer -- or I need to do bookwork, or consult from the wall of research books also not shown in this photo -- this is where I work, my official office. 

Cindy has two books available now: The Mountain Between Us and Secret Santa.

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  1. Haha- love the mess :) Most people think that writers must be so organized and neat in order to meet their goals, but it's the opposite!