Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Right Now I'm Loving...

Right now I'm loving... Harrison Ford.

But honestly, I've been loving Harrison Ford since 1977, when I was the grand ol' age of three. Still love him all these um... 26 years later.

I went to see the new Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit movie a few days ago (I liked it -- it was okay. Not fabulous, but kept my attention).  I wonder if Chris Pine has enough onscreen charisma to be the next Harrison Ford. I have to admit, I like Chris Pine quite a bit. Pine has got that cocky, let-me-wink-at-you-baby-it'll-make-everything-okay-promise bit going on pretty well.

Who's scruffy-looking?

Maybe it's because of the Jack Ryan movie, maybe it's because it's cold as Hoth in Virginia this week. But I started thinking about the original scoundrel. This was going around the Interwebs today:

Which is awesome. As Harrison Ford is.

But here's the real question. How many of the Harrison Ford characters/movies can you name based on the pictures below? Answers (and my score) are at the bottom of the page.

One last quote from the man himself:

I, sadly, was only able to get 27 out of the 40 of the Ford movies, and most of those were only movie titles, not full name of the characters. Obviously I need to spend a little time on my Harrison Ford movies this year.  How many could you get?

Row 1: Lieutenant Shaffer (A Time for Killing), Willie Bill Bearden (Journey To Shiloh), Jake (Getting Straight), Bob Falfa (American Graffiti), Martin Stett (The Conversation)

Row 2: Han Solo (Star Wars: A New Hope), Ken Boyd (Heroes), Barnsby (Force 10 from Navarone), Colonel Lucas (Apocalypse Now), Lieutenant David Halloran (Hanover Street)

Row 3: Tommy Lilard (The Frisco Kid), Han Solo (Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back), Indiana Jones (Raiders of the Lost Ark), Rick Deckard (Blade Runner), Han Solo (Star Wars: Return of the Jedi)

Row 4: Indiana Jones (Temple of Doom), John Book (Witness), Allie Fox (Mosquito Coast), Dr. Richard Walker (Frantic), Jack Trainer (Working Girl)

Row 5: Indiana Jones (Last Crusade), Rozat Sabich (Presumed Innocent), Henry Turner (Regarding Henry), Jack Ryan (Patriot Games), Dr. Richard Kimble (The Fugitive)

Row 6: Jack Ryan (Clear and Present Danger), Linus Larrabee (Sabrina), Tom O’Meara (The Devil’s Own), President James Marshall (Air Force One), Quinn Harris (6 days 7 nights)

Row 7: Dutch Van Den Broek (Random Hearts), Norman Spencer (What Lies Beneath), Captain Alexei Vostrikov (K-19: the Widow Maker), Sergeant Joe Gavilan (Hollywood Homicide), Jack Stanfield (Firewall)

Row 8: Indiana Jones (Kingdom of the Crystal Skull), Max Brogan (Crossing Over), Dr. Robert Stonehill (Extraordinary Measures), Mike Pomeroy (Morning Glory), Colonel Woodrow Dolarhyde (Cowboys & Aliens)

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