Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Facebook, You Time-Sucking Abyss: How I love you

Facebook is a time-sucking abyss.  I don’t know a single person in the universe who would pretend like they don’t agree. The hours I have spent on Facebook – and believe me, they are multiple – I can never get back. I initially resisted Facebook’s pull as long as possible, joining only in January 2010. But since then, it has become a regular, daily addiction ahem, fixture in my life.
Let’s face it, we know more about some FB “friends” than we ever wanted to know. Ever.  When their kids are going to the dentist.  What they had for breakfast.  This “really super cute” picture that “they don’t normal share, but had to just this one time” of some puppy/kitten/hamster/laughing baby/laughing twin babies/kid dressed like Darth Vader they found. Ad Nauseam.
And heaven knows that every single time there’s some big sporting upset, somebody posts that Hitler clip from the movie Downfall.  You know what I’m talking about.  Just add your own caption.
Each day I get on Facebook expecting to spend a couple minutes browsing through lives of my friends and loved ones. Ahhh, Facebook, how you fool me every time! All it takes is one witty or funny post, and I am immediately forced to think of something just as entertaining to say. And heaven forbid someone actually post on my wall or send me a private message… A few moments later I am wondering if I became stuck in some sort of time vortex because SURELY TWO HOURS HAD NOT ALREADY PASSED!
Yes, that scenario has been the picture of many-a-day in Janie’s world. So now you know why I hate Facebook. But let me tell you why I will always be thankful for Facebook.
It gave me back my Megan. 

Megan & I in South Florida last week

Megan and I had been good friends and neighbors in the late 90s. But when she and her family moved out of state over ten years ago, we lost touch. We’re both busy with young families. Neither of us are phone-talkers or letter-writers. Facebook became a wonderful medium for us to rekindle our friendship. With Facebook as our home base, we planned multiple adventures over the last couple of years, and seen each other more than in all the other years combined.

At another of our crazy jaunts in October

I'm thrilled Megan and I are back in each other's lives. She's such a fabulous person on every level. And for that, and the other similar friendships I’ve regained or been able to grow through Facebook, I will gladly wade through the cute kitten pictures, dentist stories, and Hitler clips.  Time-sucking abyss? Definitely. But worth it.  


  1. For all it's faults (and they are indeed many), the ability of Facebook to reconnect people (for example, us) will always make it easy to forgive.

  2. I so agree with you both, Janie and Mark. I am so thankful for many re-connections I've had on FB. And the ability to keep in touch with my family in Finland :)

  3. love you Janie!! Drive safe.. See you soon