Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Homeschooled? So Are You a Genius or an Idiot??

Homeschooling physics lesson?
For the past three years, despite them being neither geniuses nor idiots, I have homeschooled my four kids. Nobody was more surprised than me about our foray into homeschooling. I am definitely not one of those moms who are “called” to homeschool, as many of my friends are. I am not particularly patient (“really, the word is CAT – how can you spell that wrong??”) nor creative (“Sure kids, there’s nothing wrong with a two-lined poem. Let’s move on to the next chapter”).  But we found a curriculum that worked for us, hammered out the logistical kinks as best we could, upped my supply of Xanax, and jumped in.
Why do I choose to homeschool my kids? Well, mostly because it gives us freedom to study subjects more applicable to our family (Chinese rather than Spanish), it works well for our schedule (read: Janie does not have to get up at 6am), and allows us to travel – a favorite family pastime.  Plus, Chuck Norris homeschools his kids. Nuff said.
There are always skeptics about homeschooling. Rightfully so, because for every 100,000 or so properly- educating home situations producing well-adjusted, happy, intelligent children, there’s one case where a mom locked her kids in a basement and they learned to read from Bazooka gum wrappers.  (No matter what you heard, those weren’t my kids. My kids had Bazooka gum wrappers AND the backs of cereal boxes. Plus, it was the attic).
Here’s a funny clip about the The Top Seven Lies About Homeschooling – Debunked.”  Dude is a little wound-up, but it’s still pretty entertaining…

In case you’re too lazy to watch the video, I’ll summarize THE LIES:
Lie #7: Homeschoolers are really sheltered.  “Living in a world where you don’t know who Lady Gaga is…” – wait, maybe we all should be homeschooled.
Lie #6: Homeschoolers go to church 7 days a week.   – yes, but here at our house we are starting to discourage the practice of kidnapping neighbors and dragging them to church with us
Lie #5: Homeschoolers don’t actually do school.  – ahem, my kids ARE NOT taking nature walks while I watch Dr. Oz! It’s while I watch Sherlock.
Lie #4: Homeschoolers have no friends. – That’s right, homeschoolers do have friends. Not every homeschool family lives on a farm or in a log cabin. Just 90%.
Lie #3: Homeschoolers are really shy. – Obviously said by someone who has not met my youngest son.
Lie #2: Homeschoolers have no lives.   What dude said in the clip - just find it in the video: 3:05
Lie #1: Homeschoolers do school in their pajamas. – Yeah, well that’s just true. “And it is the very, very, very best thing about being homeschooled.”  Yep.
Despite all the homeschool perks, the kids have decided (with my blessing) to attend school next year. So we are enjoying these last few months of homeschooling as much as we can. In our pajamas, of course.


  1. I wasn't home-schooled so much as did self-study correspondence through the last 3 years of high school (erm, I think in America that's all of high school? We don't have junior-high here!) and it was absolutely the best decision for me. I could teach myself more in one day than the school syllabus put aside a week to do. Of course I was ridiculously lazy too, so that balanced out my cleverness :P

    Your lifestyle sounds pretty awesome - especially since you've started watching Sherlock. ;)

  2. Great post! I never knew anyone who was home-schooled so I'm sure I may have indulged in some of these misconceptions. Thanks for dispelling them!

  3. I was home-schooled and I agree the best part was going to school in my pajamas! This is a great post! I always like to see home-schooling myths debunked. :)