Saturday, February 11, 2012

Your Never Too Old

Read before you judge, grammar Nazis.
Yesterday I turned 39.  I, fortunately, still have 365 full days until my 40th birthday since this year is a leap year. That’s right, God saw fit to make 2012 a bissextile year, *just* so I could have one extra day of being in my 30s.
Really the most exciting part of my birthday yesterday was that Shane West (um, er… "he who shall not be named in the Crouch house") from Nikita fame TWEETED ME! Actually, he responded to my tweet.
I ignored the your/you’re issue, because he’s SHANE WEST, people!! He has more important things to do than knowing stupid grammar rules, like looking all beautiful and intense.  Plus, he has 90k followers on twitter but read MY tweet AND responded. And possibly filed for a restraing order.
Your/You're - whatever...

After reading that tweet yesterday afternoon, you might think I did crazy stuff like:
1) Giggled like a school girl
2) Tweeted that Shane West had tweeted me (but not, mind you, re-tweeting, like those two crazy strangers did. That's just weird. Seriously.)
3) Immediately texted my 11 year-old daughter to tell her Shane West tweeted me
4) Called my husband in the middle of a meeting and told him Shane West tweeted me
5) Told my father Shane West tweeted me even though he doesn’t even know who Shane West is
6) Took a screen-saver shot of said tweet
7) Printed the screen-saver shot of the tweet and put it in a scrapbook
8) Printed the screen-saver shot and framed it
9) Blogged the next day about Shane West tweeting me
You MIGHT think I did all that crazy stuff, and I probably would have on Thursday, when I was only 38.  But now I’m 39, and more mature, so I only did eight of those nine things…
On a slightly more serious note, when I turned 29, a very long ten years ago, it motivated me to jump into high gear and get my dissertation finished so I could have my Ph.D. diploma in hand before I turned 30. And I did it, with just a few weeks to spare (I graduated in December of 2002).
I do not have any lofty goals as I turn 39, but I am making a list of Five Things I Want To Do Before I Hit 40.  The list is still circling ‘round  the brain but I’m pretty sure it will involve: auditioning for a musical, taking a hot air balloon ride, submitting my book to a publisher, and being able to execute one single pull-up.
Plus my personal favorite: participating in a flash mob.
Because, you know, it's like Shane says: your never too old.


  1. LOL This is awesome! Happy Birthday!

  2. HOW cool is that tweet. Plotting now. Who to tweet about. Who to tweet about.

  3. That is so cool! I hope you had a great birthday :D

    I am totally using this trick when my birthday comes around (I have to wait until JUNE? Laaaame.) I'll spend all day tweeting celebrities with "All I want for my birthday is for @GuyImObsessedWith to tell me I'm too BLAHBLAHBLAH."

    This is the new plan. This is a good plan. This is totally gonna work.

    I love your list of the crazy things you did! Which was the one you didn't do? I'm guessing frame the tweet :D

    1. Hahahaha. I should've plagarized you when trying to explan my love for Shane...

      "Oh, it's so hard to keep my squee in check when we're talking about him. But I’ll try to explain my love using words rather than just mashing my boobs on the keyboAEFEZANJL.OHNJSDFVGJHYDSFGVA
      Right, we're going to use words..."

      (That's still one of my favorite passages of ALL TIME. :D)

      I will help you tweet in June until we get a response from your obsession. And actually, I didn't frame the tweet OR tell my Dad... :)

    2. Haha, I admire your restraint! I'm always telling my mom about the random people she doesn't know on twitter :P but if I started framing tweets I'd probably run out of wall space pretty quickly :P

      And I know Shane (you guys are on first name terms now, huh?) looks totally keyboard-boob-mash-worthy!