Thursday, March 22, 2012

Makes Me Laugh - Dog Edition

Our dog and my husband are in an epic battle of wills concerning backyard gate escape (current score: Junie B. Dog - 3, Hubby - 0). My husband has re-configured the fence gate to the point where the kids can't figure out how to open and close it, yet the dog still gets out.

By the way, here was the dog when my kids                 And here she is nine-months and
 talked me into getting her:                                              85 POUNDS later:

So in light of man's best friend being smarter than my entire family, I thought I'd post a few funny dog pics I've seen this week. 

If our dog could talk...


Should say, "0 days since I got thru the gate"


  1. HOWLING, Janie. These pic are too-too funny!

    Bonus! We have two yellow labs. 8 YO Sydney and 2 YO Molly. Aren't they best?

    Sydney learned how to open doors inside and into the house within months of adoption.

    During post-surgery recovery for a blown ACL, she also learned how to (1) open the pocket door in the study, (2) slide the newly installed trellis fence out of the way so she could open the pocket door in the study, (3) jump OVER the two foot trellis fence that had been tied down, (4) slide open the newly installed 4 foot lattice work fence installed to block access to the pocket door in the study, and (5) barge through the 4 foot lattice work fence anchored to the wall with eye-hooks and tie-downs.

    After that, we chose to let her roam free. If those shenanigans didn't hurt her back leg, what would? As it turns out, nothing. She's healed.

    I wish your husband good luck with the fence situation. Perhaps an invisible (electrical) fence installed across the gate entrance?

    Yes. I know (from experience) that labs will YIP through the shock of an invisible fence to gain freedom. But, will they suffer it long enough to negotiate a new lock on the fence?

    1. Oh Gloria, never has losing all hope caused me to laugh so hard as with your comment! I do believe Junie is determined to run free and have adventures a couple times a week -- I don't blame her. I may even join her. :)

      Hubby is afraid she is so pretty and sweet someone will keep her. I say, let them feed for for a couple of days and they'll be calling us.

  2. Thanks for making me laugh Jane! These pics are great!