Thursday, April 26, 2012

Makes Me Laugh: Running Edition

I wanted to win the lottery, but I kind of didn't want to win. Am I crazy? 

Well,  (as I've mentioned before) I'm talking about a lottery to run a marathon, so either way the answer is: yes, I am crazy. Yesterday I found out I was not picked for the 2012 NYC Marathon  lottery.  It’s not terribly sad considering the NYC Marathon is November 4, and I am scheduled to run a 200-mile relay race in Nevada on November 8-9.   
But I was still a little sad. The thought of missing out on: blisters, running hours at a time in the middle of summer, losing toenails, embarrassing chafing skin issues, the fact that all my friends and family think I'm just stupid... well, I had to shed a couple tears.

Good news: this is my strike two in the “Three Strikes, You’re In” policy which has since been eliminated, but I was grandfathered in under. Now I am guaranteed to run the NYC Marathon either in 2013 or 2014. Gonna check that sucker off my Bucket List eventually.

But in light of being rejected by a race, I’ve decided to have a Makes Me Laugh: Running Edition.  Just silliness about running.

To end, thoughts marathon runners have. Alas, I won't be having these thoughts in 2012 while running through NYC...

And the funniest (yet most true) thing I've ever seen depicting how normal people react to marathon training and "that running person" ("You ran 15 miles on purpose?") ("Your legs cramp up very badly and you cannot walk in a straight line for days. You  should try it!"):

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