Friday, September 7, 2012

My Top 3 Superhero Movies

I write for another blog on occasion. Nerds Without Mercy. It’s everything from Settlers of Catan to Comic Books, recent release movies to 80s hair bands. My Sunday Showdown is a regular feature on that blog.

Each week on Sweep the Leg the two other main contributors and I do a Top 3 feature – comparing our top three lists on different subjects. It’s usually a lot of trash talking and general nonsense.  Knowing how much everyone loves nonsense,I thought I would share my portion of that weekly feature here on occasion. 

Oh, you’re welcome. Don’t mention it.

If you want to read my counterparts’ responses, I’ll provide the links, but be cautioned there’s some language on the Sweep the Leg site. Plus more nerdiness than can be tolerated by the general population. So if you go there, remember that I tried to warn you.

Top 3 Superhero Movies (Janie’s Take)

(From 7/3/12) Here’s my take on Superhero films (which I fear is going to lead to me receiving some sort of Pollyanna label): I like my heroes to be heroes. There are exceptions to that rule, because I don’t mind my heroes to be a wee bit naughty (a la Tony Stark). But I’m a little sick of the tortured hero.  I get it, we all struggle with the battle of good and evil within each of us.  But with where I am in my life, I want less Dark Knight and more Captain America.

I guess I said that to prepare everyone for why none of the Dark Knight pics made it onto my list. Without further ado, my favorites:

#3: The Fifth Element
Okay, go ahead and scoff, but I’m putting it on the list anyway. Leeloo is perhaps more alien than superhero, but the fact is: she has superhuman strength, is willing to sacrifice herself to fight evil, and she has a costume*. Thus, in my book, she’s a superhero. Add that to Bruce Willis’ antihero and you’ve got a great mix. I loved this movie in 1997. Still do.

Plus, let’s face it, part of my job on this blog is to bring the ladies into the geek conversation as much as possible.  If we want to have a real discussion, let’s talk about the serious lack of female superhero movies. I mean, what do you want me to put on the list, ElectraCatwoman? Barb Wire???

* - if you don’t believe that’s a costume, wait until I wear it for Comic Con 2014

#2 The Incredibles

I know, I know, the mother of four speaks.  But I want to say first that I am not a biganimated film fan, so for me to put this on the list should be a statement of how much I like it.  This is storytelling at its very best. It’s gut-bustingly funny, appeals to adults and children, has awesome action, but most importantly has heart. A classic from the moment it hit the screen.

Ummm… and did I mention I loved this movie so much we named our youngest daughter JacJac?

#1 The Avengers
Two words: Joss Whedon.  You've either seen it and love it or you don't have a pulse. ‘Nuff said.

(And every night I say a prayer to the Hollywood gods that they will make a Black Widow/Hawkeye spinoff. In the name of Spielberg, Scorsese, and Hitchcock. Amen.)

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