Sunday, November 4, 2012

Countdown to the Marathon - T Minus 11 Weeks

Another week of training for the Disney Marathon coming up on January 13, 2013. My training log for T Minus 11 weeks (Oct 24-31):

Miles ran:  21 (11mi, 3 mi, 7mi)

Miles scheduled:24

Cross training: Pilates x 1

Total miles run since training began: 244

Audiobook: Still reading Life of Pi by Yann Martel. Still making slow progress, but progress.

General Notes: Let me reach into my bag of excuses and pull one out. How about... sickness, no already used that.... too much work, wait, also used... how about: HURRICANE. That's it, I couldn't get all my miles this week in because there was a hurricane that hit the East Coast and we had three days straight of rain and wind.

Now, just because that's true, still doesn't negate the fact that I once again did not get my full miles in for the week (fifth week in a row, if I'm not mistaken).

When I first started running, I enjoyed it most because while I was out, I didn't have to cater to or worry about the needs of my children, my boss, my home, my hubby, my students.... Instead, running was a time where I let my imagination run free. To take my mind off the physical discomfort of distance running, I created grand scenes and stories in my head. At the time, I wasn't doing any writing, so it was a good exercising of my imagination.

But now... I need my imagination to work on command as I'm writing my book that is due at the end of November. So when I run, I'm trying not to let my imagination go hog wild (I want to save it for when I'm writing). That in turn, causes me to be much more aware of discomfort my body is in while running.

And overall, makes running not so much fun.

But enough with the whining. The good news in, the marathon is still a little over 10 weeks out. I still have time to quit crying and start working harder. That's the new plan.

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