Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Countdown to the Marathon - T Minus 3 Weeks

Another week of training for the Disney Marathon coming up on January 13, 2013. My training log for T - 3 weeks (Dec 19-25):

Miles ran:  24 (4mi, 4mi, 16 miles)

Miles scheduled: 31

Cross training:  Misc cross training

Total miles run since training began: 461

General Notes: I knew this would be a light week since it was Christmas - I was glad I got in 20 miles while I was traveling. Juggling training around all the Christmas activities was a little tough, but I managed. This weekend will mark my last long training run (somewhere around 20 miles). I'll then have two weeks of tapering, with no long runs to "minimize accumulated fatigue". Hmmm... I wonder if I could taper from my kids during that time too. That would really help minimize accumulated fatigue.

I saw a card over the holidays, that I absolutely loved, and being in the heart of my marathon training, it fit me perfectly. Every single thing on the list.

You know you're a runner if:
1. You rotate your running shoes more often than your tires.
2. Running for less than an hour seems pointless.
3. You feel guilty because you only ran three times last week.
4. You have at least one black toenail.
5. Your social calendar is planned around race dates.
6. The majority of your wardrobe is running attire.
7. Your iPod has at least one running playlist.
8. You've run more of your local roads than you've driven.
9. When you hear "PR" you don't think "Public Relations."
10. Energy gels are an essential part of your diet.

 I guess it's official. I'm a runner. :-)


  1. 8 for me too. No black toenails and I often run for less than one hour. Nice one Janie