Thursday, October 10, 2013

My Writing Space - Jamie Wesley

I'm continuing my series about something that interests me personally: writing spaces. I love to hear about that creative nook writers make for themselves in order to encourage the word-smithing genius. Therefore I've asked some of my author friends to share a picture and description of their personal writing spaces. 

This week I have my online buddy and someone else who, like me, has her debut novel releasing in 2014: Jamie Wesley

From Jamie: 
This is my writing space. The desk is pretty sparse because until a few weeks ago my writing space was my couch (or a nearby branch of the city library). I didn’t have a desk chair, so I didn’t use the desk.
Yes, that’s a remote on the desk. That’s because my writing space is in my living room. There’s a TV in the background. I do have and use my office, but I like being in the living room. 

I rely heavily on three books when plotting a book. I just started a new book, so they were on my desk before I took the photos. :-)  45 Master Characters and Heroes & Heroines are great for developing my characters. I have a general sense of who the characters are before I open the craft books, but the books help flesh the characters out for me. Save the Cat is great for plotting. The structure the author advocates is simple, but highly effective.
Organization and writing tips: This is more for me than anyone else, but turn off the TV! Silence freaks me out, so I listen to music while writing (or have a football/baseball game playing in the background).

And because my attention span leaves something to be desired, I write in 10 minute sprints while writing the first draft. I’m not a fast typist, but I can usually get 200-300 words in 10 minutes. I take a 2-3 minute break and go again. After five 10-minute sprints in an hour, I usually have 1200-1500 words. *fist pump*

Bio: Jamie Wesley has been reading romance novels since she was about 12 when her mother left a romance novel, which a friend had given her, on the nightstand. Jamie read it instead, and the rest is history. Her first book, Tell Me Something Good, will be published by Entangled Indulgence in 2014. She can be found on Twitter @Jamie_Wesley or at


  1. Hi Jamie!! *waving wildly*

    Love your space!!

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