Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Right Now I'm Loving...

So every once in a while I post about random things that are capturing my attention. I used to call this segment "Makes Me Laugh" but then I realized not everything on the Interwebs that sucked me in was actually funny. Like this week.

Because this week I'm loving... my own capacity for making stupid decisions. 

Particularly my stupid decision to do an Ironman in 2014.  And just so we're clear, before any of my smart aleck friends can make any comments about how I'm not allowed to "do" an Ironman since I'm already married, we're not talking about this Ironman:

Although it's not a terrible idea...

We're talking about the Ironman Triathlon. All 140.6 miles of it. Wikipedia defines it as thus (I love how they felt it necessary to put "without a break" in the description):

So, 2.4 miles of this:

Followed by 112 miles of this:

And 26.2 miles of this:

Ahem, to summarize:

Doesn't that just get you excited and make you want to sign up for an Ironman race RIGHT NOW?? Cause there's nothing like almost-drowning, road rash, and heat exhaustion to make you appreciate the fact that you spent $100's of your own hard-earned money for the privilege. 

I won't be clogging up this blog with all the details of my near-death experiences Ironman training. I've got a whole different blog for that -   

I'm not alone in this little endeavor, my normal partners in crime jumped on the stupidity bandwagon as soon as they heard about it. They're the Thelma to my Louise, let me tell you. Any cliff that we can find, we are quick to drive over.

It will be hard, but we don't turn away from hard. It'll be stupid, but we don't turn away from that either. And by the time it's all over we'll be more an Ironman than Tony Stark ever was.

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